Image quality from Canon G1X MkII

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Re: Image quality from Canon G1X MkII

Yes, can be. It would really be nice to see ones effort and if one can handle it better than how it is on default. I could write my notes based only from surmises and speculations of different processing due to the lens behavior, but when we know the G1X has the same sensor technology as APS-C, just smaller size and less pixel (same density), you can easily compare it with DPR comparison tool with DSLR (For example EOS 100D or maybe older if they add it, it´s similar anyway), and you´ll see that processing is different and not that good looking. And I don´t mean sharpness and lens related stuff. We already know that DSLR with prime lens will be sharper and it´s natural and healthy to close eyes in front of that difference, but it´s also not what I´m talking about. There is more to it. The RAW files looks the same or even better on pixel level overall compared to older DSLRs (less noise, okay, less sharpness from lens, we got this sorted), but when you change for JPEG, it looks like disaster at times. See here (again, pixel level) and here for equally sized image, which might not be fair, but there is nothing to save G1X II processing. Simply weird. RAWs are okay and as I showed, there are ways how to sharpen better. 100D is good example (at ISO800 in comparison), that it is doable. Don´t understand why didn´t do it the same way. Maybe again some Canons crippling method of lower class?

I love Canon. I really do. I shoot Canons from beginning to end, but somehow, they let me wonder why things are how they are. That way I´m kinda sad for that basic OOC results. That cam can kick ass, even with OOC files, but it won´t do that, because Canon just doesn´t want to.

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Why does he do it?

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