Travel camera - A6000 or GH3

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Travel camera - A6000 or GH3

Hi All,

I've been researching cameras for ages now and Id really appreciate help making up my mind. I have a Sony RX100 mark 1 and its great little camera, but I want something with better focus, image quality and telephoto abilities. I will be keeping my RX100 regardless as its not worth selling and is always handy to have as a compact camera that fits in my pocket.

What I need now is great travel camera. My budget is $1500 USD. I have been traveling around the world for over a year. New Zealand is next on my travels and I hope to explore there for a few months. I want the following from it: Quick autofocus in low light, great IQ, 50fps video with good stabilisation, live view, time-lapses. They're the most important things for me.

I went into a camera store today and I narrowed down my search to a Sony A6000 and a GH3. The reasons I picked out the A6000 were its autofocus speed, great colour depth in the photos, 50fps, live view and it can do time-lapses via an app. The only downfall seems to be the lack of weather proofing and I'm having trouble deciding on a 16-70, 18-105 and the 18-200 options. I was immediately told however, that the 18-200 lenses have a lot of distortion and that the Panasonic GH3 has much better video quality.

I then picked up the GH3. I like the touch screen. This has 50fps video and is also weather-sealed. The sales man really liked it. I tried it with the 14-140mm lens (this had good stability) as thats probably the lens I'd get with it if any (despite it only being 28mm on the wide). However, in auto mode (yes I know) the photos I took seemed to be slow to take and were definitely darker than the A6000 photos. I found it a little harder to get good feedback from the camera, but of course I wasn't used to it. The silent shutter I experienced was good I guess, but it was also off-putting as I almost wasn't sure if a photo was taken. I can imagine with the smaller sensor and fewer megapixels this camera is also not as good as the A6000 for IQ. I was also told that the GH3 has a time-lapse feature already built in.

I should also mention that I will be taking 40% video and 60% photos. I take a lot of landscape photography and I enjoy taking the odd wildlife shot too. My first reaction was the video on the A6000 would suffice and that I could get a 16-70 f4 and maybe a 55-210 as well. Then the sales guy said why not get the GH3 and the 12-35 f2.8 and maybe a cheap telephoto. Both packages come to around the same price. He also mentioned that the GH3 has a free battery and 32gb card at the moment too. Its got me thinking....

As an alternative way of thinking I was also considering the RX10 and FZ1000 cameras. Both are cheaper alternatives. However, I dont think they match my criteria as well either and I suppose if I'm spending $900 then I might as well do it right... hmmm

Thanks for any input

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