TG-3: do I really need any accessories for it?

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TG-3: do I really need any accessories for it?

I just got the TG-3 and I'm getting the itch to buy accessories for it like it were a new phone.

The lens is exposed and I'm worried about it getting scratched. I could get the lens adapter ($18) and an UV filter ($5-$30), but it would add thickness and cost. And the filter could possibly interfere with image quality by adding reflections. I've read that the more expensive filters will reduce those effects, but then those filters are usually thicker and I don't the edges of the thick filter to show up in the image. The lens is recessed so maybe it won't get scratched as easily as the screen.

I just been putting the camera in my pants/shorts pocket with nothing else and already I've noticed a few light scratches. I've been doing the same with my phone for years with no scratches so I'm guessing the camera screen is far from being as hard are phone screen glass. I guess not TOUGH enough to warrant gorilla glass. So then do I need to get a screen protector? Do those even stay on when going in the water? Any recommendations?

I would refer to keep the phone on a belt case to free up my pockets and so I'm now on a search for that.

And don't forget the official accessories:

  • llumination ring: not cheap at $40 for a pretty simple thing. I'll wait to see if the microscope feature ends up being important or just a novelty.
  • Fisheye: I think I may only use this in the water? May be useful in other situations but it's $120-$140 and now I need another pocket to hold it when not in use.
  • Flotation stray: ehh, looks bulky. The included strap is rather bulky too and I've substituted a strap from an old compact camera. The old strap even has a piece to tighten the strap onto the wrist, unlike the TG-3 strap.
  • Telephoto: 7x zoom may be useful, but with all these lens, I might as well get a DLSR, lenses, and a camera shoulder bag.

I think the best thing to do is to at least get the belt case so I can have the camera with me and hold off on all the other doodads until the honeymoon period is over.

Olympus Tough TG-3
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