Bought a Sony RX 100 M 3, anyway....

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Bought a Sony RX 100 M 3, anyway....

Ok. After first reviews, I wondered if it could replace my SLR in certain circumstances (made a thread about it).

But, there were a lot of reasons NOT to buy it.

1. The Bokeh

Although better then any other compact, watch pictures, read reviews, comments. It was clear, although strong in this department, it is far from a SLR. I love making portraits from my GF, yes also some artistic nudes. No way this camera could achieve the same blurred background.

2. The price

For a second camera, having one already as a real point and shoot one, even simple to carry around, the asking price in France, 850 € is just to steep, how good it  is.

3. My actual camera

Yes not a great performer, and just P/S. Big difference in quality? Sure, but does do everything quite well in P mode. I am always surprised that under certain circumstances, the exposure is so good, sometimes better judgement then my SLR in same mode. To captures just memories, it is fine! I took it to Rome last month, and just to have buildings and sightseeing pic it  is fine! Here some samples, that even it lacks quality of such an advanced camera as the Sony, results are not as bad as charts, what do you think?

Yes there is some noise, yes these are not artistic, they are not pin sharp, but they look kind of analog and I like that.

4. My own mediocrity!

If you read tips and tricks about picture taken, the first rule it is not the camera, but.......YOU! I agree totally with that!  Sure noise at higher iso's, distortion, better metering, brighter lenses will improve your pictures, and knowing how to process even more.  But a better a photographer, with lesser gear, will do much , much better, then a average one with quality one.

So now you can stop reading, yes?  Well some things made me decide to buy it after all!

1. The all round use.  Yes, I can also take my Ixus everywhere.  But with the RX 100, I can take more shots with less noise, in more difficult situations.  Versatility is much better. But most of all, even for special trips, I can in certain situations, not leave the SLR in the room, but just take the 50 mm if I need portraits, or more bokeh, and use the Sony for all the rest (except were a big zoom is needed)So my big heavy lens can stay in the room if I not need it. On the whole, when I not take the SLR, when put it interesting situations I not expecte,  the RX 100 can still do something special, I could not do before.

2. The price

Euh, was it not very expensive? Yes. But I found a deal 20 % less with 2 year guaranty, thanks to a BM here. Change a  lot also on the budget.

3. The talent and pictures of some people  here. Especially Docno, that shares the same interests. Thailand Asia and beautiful models. My skills are limited ( a lot!) compare to his, my gf not that pretty as his, but I can try to improve! Hope you share some of your in camera setting with me! As a thank you, my miserable result on my SLR.

My actual gf

still her

Former gf, still not so pretty as  Docno's

So   My next pics wil be the one's with the RX 100 M 3. I also doubted to take the older model, but the optical viewfinder, nto seeing so well close was the reason, I went for the M 3.

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