"Image resolution" - how would you interpret it?

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Re: "Image resolution" - how would you interpret it?

corella45 wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

If you really believe that the 96 dpi figure means something, then you can print 3000/96 ~ 30 inches on the long side. On the other hand, 300 dpi is the standard printing resolution, so up to 10" on the long size, there will be no upscaling.

No, I don't want to print 30 inches at 96dpi. I need good quality and expected the images on the CD to be at least 4000pi and 200dpi.

At 3000 pixels wide, you can print up to 10" wide at 300ppi, or 15" at 200ppi.  The ppi setting is meaningless until you attach a print size to it.

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