Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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I went to Italy 2yrs ago, Lake Garda. It was my first trip with a dslr, so, like you, i was unsure what to take. I took my 600D/T3i + 3 lenses. 10-20, 18-55 + 55-250. I got some decent shots, but 80% or so were taken @ 100mm or less. It was also a pain constantly changing lenses.

My experience is that if you want to capture what your kit allows you can't avoid multiple lens changes. I once thought 10-20 + 18-200 would make life simple: not at all, because the reason I bought the 10-20 in the first place was for significantly greater coverage than the ordinary 18mm.

So any time I wanted a wide view (of a street or landscape, say) I needed the UWA; but 20 was much too wide for anything else. I couldn't avoid the pain of changing lenses, so I've learned to live with it. And once you have to change it doesn't make much difference if you have two or three lenses with you.

You typically shoot at the swap point (does that make any sense?).

I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean. However, my point is that if you carry more than one lens you will always find subjects both sides of the swap point.

In fact, I usually shoot some distance away from swap point (as much as my lenses allow that definition). My usual set is now 8-16, 35 and 100 but most of my UWA shots are at 8 with few longer than 12. With the 18-200 most shots were at 18 because it wouldn't go wider, 30-40ish, 100ish and 200 because it wouldn't go any longer. It was that grouping that encouraged me to switch to primes; helped, of course, by the extra speed.

That is no doubt a PIA.

Yes, but so is going somewhere and not getting the shots you want of it. There are ways of mitigating the pains or choosing between them, of course. I said this further up the thread:

The places you are going offer wide, normal and tele views within a couple of paces. Your choices are (1) ignore any views wider than 18(~24)mm and carry a superzoom lens, which is slow and not high IQ (2) reduce your FOV range even more and use a high-IQ wide-medium zoom (3) change lenses as and when needed (4) take several walks around, each with just one lens (5) carry a second camera.

I adopt (3), (4) and (5). Changing lenses takes only a few seconds so if I'm on a fairly quick tour I just change as needed - that's every few shots, so as many as 30 changes a day. But given reasonable time I stick to one lens - either one lens on the way out and a different one on the reciprocal return route, or after one walk with my wife I do a second on my own with a different lens. And my Pentax Q (or some equivalent for you) is always there for a decent-but-not-perfect shot that doesn't suit the lens on my DSLR.

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