Urban angst before a storm

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Urban angst before a storm

My last post (Lost fox…) produced a response from Moderator Kendall. What was I expecting?

Sigma make cameras, this is the Sigma camera forum, why are the photos generally so bad? At this point I expect the roof to fall in.

Some context. Rather than thrash around in the bush labelled, “Is this a good photo?” here are two quotes from internationally known photographers.

1. A photographer is like a plumber. The photographer arrives with his tools and must always do a good job. Sometimes the photographer will do an excellent job but must always do a good job.

2. I take 10 good photographs a year.

The second quote is from David Bailey, he has just had a 5 month show at the National Gallery in London, something accorded very few photographers. The 10-a-year quote was when he was younger, now in his mid-70s he reckons 5 a year. But he will always do a good job.

Cameras now are far simpler than even two decades ago so it is almost impossible not to produce some sort of image. Why, then, does photography remain so elusive?

I have trialled this forum. In the first week in May I posted Tourist Hell. Of those photos one is good but nobody picked it out. I did get a comment about “too yellow” in the Clock this post of late March but that is irrelevant.

Do I think I am as good a photographer as David Bailey? That is irrelevant as well.

The answer to the question, “What was I expecting?” is, therefore, that I did not know what to expect when I started posting to this forum. I do know a good photograph when I see one and that photography remains a very tough discipline so, paradoxically, a camera forum is not a good place to find great photographs. It is a good place to find people who have bought cameras far too sophisticated for their needs. A marketing triumph.

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