New NX30 - first impressions

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Re: New NX30 - first impressions - congratulations!

gameguru1360 wrote:

Only irritating thing for me is lack of an external charger and the one available is on back order on adorama and bh photo's websites. I thought newegg had one and when i ordered it, turned out it was a battery/charger combo for the GoPro. Luckily it was only $22 so it wasn't worth the trouble of returning it. I have bought higher rated mah batteries from amazon and noticed I have gotten more shots than the oem battery. With the oem battery, you get roughly 360. With the 1600 mah batteries i have i get about 500 or so.

Yes, that's a good point, I meant to mention it. I actually ordered the bag + charger + battery combo from b&h even though I don't much care about the bag, but for somewhat complicated reasons I ordered this from the US to Australia, then a friend to bring it to me here in China, so I haven't got it yet. In the meantime I bought a cheap USB power pack to top up the camera battery where necessary, but I noticed yesterday the camera got quite hot whilst charging. It was quite a hot day (35 C) so I'm not sure if this is always the case. If it is I'd be a bit worried about the camera overheating....

I don't mind optional charging via USB, but not having a separate charger is a bit of an oversight...

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