"Image resolution" - how would you interpret it?

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Typically lw/ph at 50% contrast...

corella45 wrote:

I am doing a little research as to how people interpret the term "image resolution". Could you please frankly answer the following question: when asked "what is this image resolution?" would you answer something like '900x600' or '72dpi'?

Thanks in advance.

...where "lw/ph" means line widths per picture height and is typically measured only for monochrome scenes.

The resolution of the display media (monitor or print) places limits on the resolution of the photo.  For example, if a photo is displayed at 900x600 pixels, the maximum possible resolution is 600 lw/ph.

DxOMark is trying out a new measure of resolution, which they call Perceptual Megapixels (PMP).  So far as I'm aware, it's a weighted mean of lw/ph measurements over different contrast values (e.g. 10%, 50%, and 90%) and over various portions of the frame (the center, no doubt, being more heavily weighted than the edges).

In addition, they give a single PMP measure for a lens, as opposed to a PMP measure for each aperture, so they are probably applying a weighting to the different aperture values (I'd guess the highest weighting going to the sharpest aperture).

Anyway, I though you'd appreciate some nerd-talk -- it will make your research sound "scientific". 

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