Print is dead!

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Not for a while in my household

I guess I'm still of the generation that enjoys prints.  Many enlargements hang on my walls.  Same in my brothers home.  Also in my children's homes and nephew and nieces homes.  Maybe their children may not but that will be for a number of years.

My daughter who is a social media participant recently started building some digital print photo albums of her wedding and all.  Some are rediscovering photo prints.

I did a  pre-wedding shoot for a dear lady of her grand daughter.  Burned a CD for her and she asked "what do I do with this?".  Ended up printing 70 photos for her and a 13 X 19 enlargement.  What can I say she paid an extra $200 for the prints.  May be in 10 to 20 years or so when they have electronic albums for $10 to $20 that may happen.

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