Amazing Timelapse Video by Stan Chang

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Re: Amazing Timelapse Video by Stan Chang

OK, here's what it looks like happened.

Information obtained from the 'net was largely WRONG, and the pinout for Canon and Pentax are the same thing. Tweaked the cable, and got some better results - also discovered that the timing for autofocus and shutter are apparently the same thing, time wise. Other things ya gotta twiddle with the camera. For example, on my Pentax K5 there is a setting that you can change that determines if you can actually get a shutter activation without FIRST having autofocused. I had it set to ON.........which of course allows for some out of focus pix. Turning that OFF forces an autofocus first, and if the camera can't do it then it won't release the shutter. I put the AF and the metering out of SPOT mode and into multi-point mode, which seems to help marginally.

Anybody with any good ideas, feel free to pop in here..........


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