Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

qianp2k wrote:

I actually don't count on focus peaking (turned on but only for reference) in my A7R. For manual focus, I use 1x/7x/14x magnification toggle directly in EVF that is so easy and straightforward and with higher precision (customized central push button on the back dial wheel for this function, or C1 button next to shutter button), or focus assistance that as soon as you rotate the focus ring on the lens, it automatically enters into magnification mode. One AF mode that many like is DMF (direct manual focus) mode that will allow you to stay in AF and then if you decide to use MF with magnification then all you have to do is turn the lens focus ring while half pressing the shutter button with timer 2 sec~indefinite that you can adjust, so you start with AF and then you can MF with magnification on top of AF for further precise focus calibration.

I don't believe 5D4 will be ML but still DSLR. For an optional EVF works, camera needs to be in LV mode. Then comes to request of much better focus in LV mode that so far Canon is not very good at. Dual-pixel in 70D is much better than other Canon cameras but still lags behind from competitors.

Right, I figured you mean it to be in live view, but wanted to clarify.  Seems like it would come in handy.  I kind of wish we could have both the LCD overlay AND interchangeable screens...I actually like split prism focusing.

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