Print is dead!

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Ah, how soon they forget

the stampede and the endless agonizing over who had what place in line at what store for the D800.  No one had seen a single print from it at the time, just what they saw on their monitor, which was much better than what came before.  I about fell off my chair when I saw the first full res pics from the D800e.  How did we all know if all we had to view the output of new wunderkamera on was one or at most two paltry megapixels?  But the quality was evident from day one on our monitors, no question about it.

With 4K monitors just around the corner for anyone who cares about processing their pics correctly with much wider color gamut and a ton more detail, we're into a new phase.  One where the monitor outdoes print in every important aspect.  I've never seen a print which comes close to 4K large for impact, an exercise I commend to all.  Give me backlit or front projected every time, the bigger the better.

Not that there's anything wrong with prints. I still do a few, and I certainly wouldn't call it dead.  They're not as worthwhile as a good painting by a long chalk, but they are pleasant enough.

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