D810 Observations: Focusing & Shutter Speed

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Re: D810 Observations: Focusing & Shutter Speed

digital ed wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

digital ed wrote:

Equipment: D810, Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G, Sturdy tripod

Shutter Speed:

My experience is I cannot get the ultimate photo sharpness hand holding the D810 with the 24-70 at 70 with less than 1/500 sec unless mounted on a tripod (comparative testing). This may be me but if you are saying you can hand hold at 1/50 and get acceptable photos I can accept that. But if you are striving for the best the camera and lens can do, I believe you do not know what the best can be.


This is my experience checking PDAF vs. CDAF and manual CDAF. Zero fine focus is needed to achieve with PDAF the best focus that can be achieved for the camera/lens best. This is qualified by using the greatly improved LV screen zoomed with manual and CDAF using the 24-70 at f/2.8 and 70mm. I do see a slight bit of focus point shift when shooting multiple shots with the same setup and de-focusing between shots. Not enough at f/2.8 to concern me as it rarely occurs. It may be important for those that shoot PDAF at wider apertures. Then it might be necessary to shoot LV with manual or CDAF. The new LV display really helps here.

Let me emphasize again, this is a sampling of one and is only my experience after a couple of days of testing (only real life subjects, no printed targets). I haven't yet tested using the Mup and the electronic front curtain shutter.

I've got to say that the amount of vibration at lower shutter speeds is vastly reduced over the D800, even when shooting hand held. No doubt you can get better results with a tripod (just like you would with a 5D mkIII), but I'm not seeing the need to crank up shutter speeds like I did with my D800E

Read Horshack's post in this thread. When someone does the suggested testing the we will have a better idea of what the new shutter provides.

I guess I'm not really bothered about the testing, I can see the results in my pictures

To those of you that are, all the best!

More seriously, I don't have time to do this with the degree of accuracy required to measure this properly, anecdotally I'm happy enough that shots, particularly those between 1/focal length and 1/200, are a good bit sharper than the D800E.

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