Obsessing over low light performance, Panasonic G6

Started Oct 6, 2013 | Photos thread
Daniel Entin Regular Member • Posts: 358
Re: Obsessing over low light performance, Panasonic G6

All your calculations are undermined by your one sentence: "I do understand that much of the blur is because I am not holding the camera still but it would be sweet to be able to get decent images even so." You of course have to hold your camera still! And, of all your suggested solutions, the last one, to have more light, would be a great start. Also, if you are chasing your kids around the apartment, why don't you have a good, strong bounce flash taking care of the problem? Then you wouldn't have to rewire your whole house just to get the kids while they're bouncing around.

If you did decide to get a new camera, be sure it's one of the more recent ones that can shoot cleanly up to stratospheric ISOs. A grainy image is much better than a streaky one.

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