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manhattan wrote:

With the exception of wedding, commercial and senior portraits I think with the exception of the occasional photograph that print is dead. People are much more interested in simply sharing for a moment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They are not interested in the extreme quality that a D810/5D can produce as long as the photo captures them in an exceptional location, pose or group setting. There are exceptions of course, but really makes you wonder what the future of photography is? We already have seen phones basically destroy the low end point and shoot market. People are happy with less and showing they are simply not interested in paying for more.

I have been thinking about upgrading to a new D810 for several reasons, but wonder if the only person who will really appreciate any improvements will be me. I seriously don't think others will either notice or appreciate.

Maybe this is our "CD Moment"? Just like when the obvious quality in vinyl records was replaced by cheap and inferior sounding CDs. Digital makes it easy, light, portable and shareable. Hmmm.

Yeah that is true. But since the title is oversimplified a note towards the printing at its core. Because the printing is another (whole) world altogether and very different from on-screen display. In the areas where they competed the monitor has it all for itself long time already. Like the print cards from the holidays that are much less frequent a procedure practised these days. It is though the larger print work alchemy, papers, mounting, framing, treatments and the form of the display, its effects, feel and the appearance where the print comes into its very own and exclusive. And where these two media don’t compete as rivals. High quality printing, however, costs money. I know from experience that this is putting off many to learn it and get into this particular art. It's for a big part why people regularly can’t appreciate enough that distinction. Along with lifestyle changes to mention some of the other. So it is a very small niche but a one that certainly is not dead despite its comparatively much smaller importance (though I can’t get over the basic difficulty of the 'comparison' here). In a way, when comparing, and just based on the print’s very own character, it has guaranteed more of a long and stable life compared to various transformers (electronic products) that are born and dead (metaphorically) every week. That is the aspect I wanted to point out.

This is not to say that the evolution in digital and related media/technology doesn’t have its importance. In fact, the concept and art of the print, in its territory, has nothing to do with this fact at all. And for many, this will not change for a long long time.

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