Pentax inn need of the big next step

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Re: Very well put James!

jamesm007 wrote:

That's the most flattering reply anyone has ever given me. Thanks PhotoHawk. All I can say is your Fall Sun tree with its glowing yellows and never ending hues should have been in first place. Well again thank you. And this is true - I noticed in full screen it was tack sharp corner to corner. When I looked at the lens I was stunned. Some reviews don't tell the whole story do they. Same when I bought the DA50-200mm WR. Some reviews give a great technical analysis, but does not tell the whole end user experience with the picture quality in real world use. I don't fault those reviewers. I get into numbers as well at times (or more ) and am still learning real world pics are the best review.

Thank You

Thanks James.  I think the 18-135 is an under appreciated lens.  But I think P....Forums analysis is pretty close although my copy might even be a bit sharper than what they found.  It does get softer as it gets longer, past 100mm though.

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