Marywood University Learning Resources Center, using the 24-105mm zoom on the SD1M

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Nancy and Pete Spader wrote:

The sad thing here is that there was an argument to keep this building and use it to supplement the new one. I was not on the committee that made the final judgment, but I expect cost was a deciding factor. In earlier debates we saved a few old buildings because it cost less to keep and modify them than to build a new building. We should have realized that argument could be used both ways.

The thing is, there are other factors that should have more impact than they do. I do believe aesthetics should be a main factor, though I have heard this belief is less accepted now, even among some architects.

Oh well, buy the time people realize what they have done it will be too late to go back. At least we canl give them pictures of what they gave up.


Yea I understand. In france they are less educated. Look what was destroyed last year to make a huge parking and a road. It is a very big house in a beautiful garden of around 3 hectares on a hill, with century old trees, fountains, dependency, surrounding massive rock walls... Town decided to buy it with all power. The hill was erased from hearth surface, so the garden, so the house. It was one of my favourite location to shoot with models.

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