Image quality from Canon G1X MkII

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Re: Image quality from Canon G1X MkII

Dale Buhanan wrote:

crashpc wrote:

2) I found that standard OOC processing is pretty bad. You can pull miracles in PP, so finally when you get the job done, it can leave other rivals in dust at times, but it needs some work. Too bad that JPEG processing is not that good. Anyway for the size and features, I´d not go elsewhere. It´s very good device, delivering not worse mixture of fun and capabilities than others.

I have the camera and this is not true at all.

Look. I didn´t make my decision based on nothing. There are aspects where that cam does WOW effect, and there are aspects where it doesn´t. When that cam was released, first kind people came here and posted their images. Everybody could se what he wanted, and it doesn´t really matter who has that cam.

In fact, I think it is just the opposite. The straight out of the camera jpgs are very good indeed. In fact, I believe they are better than the RAW especially at the wide end.

Not possible. JPEGs comes from RAWs. If you open your RAW in DPP it doesn´t mean you´re done.

The camera provides not only distortion correction, but also it has built in ideal lens correction data

The data is not lost. You can apply those on your RAWs.

and the jpg edges are superior to the RAW.

Didn´t see that. Actually opposite sometimes. Can you post JPEG+RAW file showing that?

See OOC file cutout and my conversion from RAW of DPR test scene: (ISO800)

Original is on the left, ACR export is right. See 1) Sharpness of those numbers 2) apparent sharpness and detail compared, sharpening artifacts 3) white line and circle under it - sharpening "halo". Also black/white horizont under those numbers is somehow "haloed". Everything is...

I put here ISO800, because it´s immediately visible, and I don´t have the right files in my PC, but I saw too much noisy(extreme sharpening) images produced by G1X II even at ISO200. Don´t like it. When I look at this image from two or three feet, I still see how unsharp and noisy it is on the left side, while on the right it is.... AWESOME! This means that the cam is awesome, just itś OOC processing isn´t (in some ways).

P.S.: I created those images by printscreen, and left small square of chosen area in irfanview in the image. Nothing wrong with it, didn´t make it worse on purpose

It also corrects any purple fringing effects and other lens anomalies, giving OOC jpgs that are sharp, colorful and clear.

Here I agree, but there is more to it.

I have been consistently wowed by how good OOC jpgs are from the G1X-II. They are so good that I don't even mess with RAW most of the time anymore.

Well, you propably didn´t see EOS JPEGs (which are still sometimes cosidered as poor(hehe, laughable) so you see where are you on the scale).

The advantage of RAW is exposure correction after the fact.

There is much more.

That is still a bit better than jpg. But mostly, my camera seems to be right on for exposure, although it is possible to blow the highlights as with any camera.

That was not my issue, I agree that here is not any problem, and it just works as it should.

So, you do need to keep an eye out for that.

Anyway this was not my reason why I didn´t buy G1X II. I just tried to help based on info I have. With EOS M or previous EOS 100D I still have even more image quality per pixel (should be same, because those pixels are the same size) for less money (but don´t have that versatile lens of course) which was my decision, and it has nothing to do with this thread...

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