Print is dead!

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Re: Print is dead!

Obviously in our connected society the on-screen image is going to be very popular and all over the place. That's the changing of the times.

The print dead? Man, I'm bloody *covered up* with printing. And most of my customer base is younger folks. Think about it - the 18-24 year old generation likely has never even SEEN a gallery quality print, but they see cruddy jpegs each and every day. What do you think makes them (or their images) stand out? You guessed it - the thing of rarity their peers don't have - a fine print (and I mean a good one, not some costco produced piece of cr*p). Even in todays "connected" society, where I obviously provide jpegs all day long for that purpose, the look I get when I hand a young adult customer their first really well done print of themselves is priceless. And almost all of them say the print looks FAR better than anything they've seen on screen.

The print ain't as dead as you think....


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