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manhattan wrote:

With the exception of wedding, commercial and senior portraits I think with the exception of the occasional photograph that print is dead. People are much more interested in simply sharing for a moment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They are not interested in the extreme quality that a D810/5D can produce as long as the photo captures them in an exceptional location, pose or group setting. There are exceptions of course, but really makes you wonder what the future of photography is? We already have seen phones basically destroy the low end point and shoot market. People are happy with less and showing they are simply not interested in paying for more.

I have been thinking about upgrading to a new D810 for several reasons, but wonder if the only person who will really appreciate any improvements will be me. I seriously don't think others will either notice or appreciate.

Maybe this is our "CD Moment"? Just like when the obvious quality in vinyl records was replaced by cheap and inferior sounding CDs. Digital makes it easy, light, portable and shareable. Hmmm.

I agree to a certain point that with the younger generation, convenience is more of a priority than quality…..but many of them do still appreciate something of quality, whether it is a photographic print or in music.  With that said, there are many people out there who place a high priority on quality output and anyone who truly has a passion for high quality will not be satisfied with iPhone photos or mp3's or what have you.  If that was the case, Nikon would not bother continuing making high end bodies and lenses.  And for that matter,  vinyl is far from being dead and has over the last decade made a huge resurgence, with many tables/arms/cartridges combinations costing far more than the most luxurious automobiles.  Why, because vinyl is superior in sound and to some of us, quality output is of the highest priority.

Everything has it's place.  Do I listen to internet radio?  Sure, in my car via bluetooth for convenience, or at home while doing household chores, but for serious listening….it's vinyl all the way!

Do I have a point and shoot camera?  Yes I do.  Why?  Because I wanted to see if my interest for photography would turn into a passion before I committed serious money.  It has, so now I have bought a Df with an awesome sensor and a 50mm Sigma 1.4 Art Series lens for more serious image capturing.  Will I keep the Oly XZ-1? Sure, and use it for convenience when it's not practical to have the Df with me.

Print is not dead.  Many still admire fine photographic art hanging on the walls of their homes, or in their doctor's or other professional offices.  What truly matters though is what is in your heart.  Has the passion left you?  If not, what then does any of this really matter?

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