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Re: 24-105L IS

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

c0nstrictor wrote:

Tizzio wrote:

6D 24-105L kit is a bargain. If you get the Tammy, sooner or later you will move back to L lenses.

Very seldom the other way round, imho.

Great ideas guys. Thanks a ton. I honestly don't have the money for a 24-105, I know it's only $200 or $300 more than a 50mm, but it's just to much for a teenager to handle with the purchase of a very expensive camera and lens, and then another on top of that.

And about the Tamron, I have been doing quite a bit of comparisons and research on the Canon, Tamron, Sigma, and Sony. I definitely do not and will not have the money for the Canon, but even if I could buy one used for a low price, I would still go with the Tamron. In all the research and extreme pixel-peeping, I, and many other reviewers, have discovered that the Tamron is basically just as sharp, has the same level of chromatic aberration control, and is of (essentially) the same quality as the Canon. The Canon has better build quality (I'm not going to be throwing my lens around, so I'm not too worried about that, and the Tamron has a really good build anyway), a bit better autofocus, and that's pretty much it. To me, this wouldn't be a $1000 difference. DxO Mark and Dpreview have both helped me tremendously in this research, and on DxO look what I found:

Granted, this doesn't put build quality or autofocus into the mix, but the Tamron is just as good as in terms of image quality.

(Sorry, I had to get all that research out one day. I can keep going on but I don't think you guys want to read a thesis on lenses. :D)

Anyway, I think I will get the Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX DG HSM. It is a little bit sharper than the Canon at wider apertures, then falls behind a tiny bit, but also has better vignetting control, plus, others have recommended me this lens over the Canon.

30/35mm is a little too wide for now. That might be the kind of lens I might rent if I need it for a smaller venue or just for wider views.

Thank you everyone. I will keep thinking about it, but I do believe the 50mm is the best choice.

I don't want to discourage you but that is nonsense. Another comparison from DxO that makes no sense.

DXO is a joke, and a sad one too.
Dpreview are partner with these ass%%#^#^
Even sadder

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