Atlantic City with the Df

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Ray Sachs
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Atlantic City with the Df

Amidst the mania over the D810, I've spent the last few weeks trying to decide between the D610 and the Df. The D810 wasn't even on my radar for reasons most here might not understand but make perfect sense to me. When it came time to commit to one or the other, it was a ridiculously close call. The D610 is a better camera in good light - the Df is a better camera in low light. BUT, the D610 is an excellent camera in low light too (same sensor as the RX1, which had been my favorite low light camera until I shot with the Df) and the Df is a plenty good camera in good light. I like some of the controls more on the D610 and some more on the Df. I prefer the feel of the D610 in the hand with larger lenses but I prefer the feel of the Df with smaller primes. The D610 is a better value, but the Df is the cheapest way to get the best low light sensor on the planet. In the final anaylsis, my brain said D610 but my gut kept saying Df. And I went with my gut because it usually ends up being smarter than my brain. I think if I did more landscapes and sunsets (which I've done a lot recently, but don't do much of otherwise) I'd have gone with the D610, where the detail and dynamic range are hugely beneficial. But for the more general all around shooting I tend to do, and as much as I value low light capability, I kept coming back to the Df. So, the Df it is.

So, here are some shots from Atlantic City, a few daytime street shots done with 24 and 20mm "D" primes. And a bunch from a jazz performance on the Boardwalk in the evening. GREAT music (most enjoyable jazz show I've heard in years), great crowd, just a great atmosphere in general. I was able to move around the stage and shoot from different angles. These were all done with the 85mm f1.8 D. The "D" primes are mostly my lenses of choice, another factor in favor of the lower resolution Df...

First, this is the Revel Casino - a key catalyst to the current woes of the gambling industry in the city. The state poured a huge amount of money into the place and it's been a dismal failure, not only going broke itself (I think it's up for public auction in the next couple of months), but taking the Trump Plaza down with it, and probably a few more in the coming years. Pretty cool building to shoot though....

Some street shots from the boardwalk. I did more street work with the Nikon Coolpix A (an awesome street camera), but it was so easy to move between street and general settings on the Df, I used it for some as well when I was doing other stuff and a street opportunity presented itself...

And some from the jazz show - the Mike Pedicin Quartet, with a very good pianist and bass player and a FANTASTIC drummer and sax.

Elvin Jones is smiling in his grave listening to this guy...

A couple of spectators who were REALLY into it - a great crowd and a great vibe overall:

Seen through the amps, sitting on the back edge of the stage...

One of the most enthusiastic jazz fans you'll ever meet - a great guy

And, finally, a couple shots from the walk back after the show...

Thanks for looking - now back to pixel peeping and technical discussions...


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