Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

Started Jul 19, 2014 | Questions thread
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It's called social interaction

Oh. That's what's called a side conversation or change of topics. It's what happens when people talk to each other. You start asking about one thing, and you get a few responses, and eventually the conversation goes off on a tangent, either because people are interested in it, or disagree, or whatever else.

It's in no way meant to help you decide anything about your trip to Italy.

It's what you get for interacting with human beings who hang out on a photography forum socially. Same thing would happen if you were to join a photography club. The conversation would sometimes be on topics of interest to you, and sometimes on topics other people want to discuss.

If you'd like more focused advice, I think most people here would be glad to consult at whatever their standard consulting rates are. The nice thing about paid help is you get to control that kind of thing, and it's a much more efficient use of your time. Plus, you get to be rude if you want. Most people will tolerate that for money. Less so if you're asking for free help.

Of course, if you'd like less focused advice, I'd actually suggest learning more about that social interaction thing. It's more important than camera choice or photography.

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