Olympus 75 for my EM-1 portraits or a Nikon 610 body with 85 1.8G?

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Re: Update: i have now tested the lenses in the store.

Biggus100 wrote:

So today I went and tried a few lenses in a camera store.

First off, I can defenately rule out a cheap nikon body with the Nikon 85. That was just a horrible experience! I would not shoot with that camera no matter what divine lens was attached to it. I dont think I would like to shoot with a fullframe DSLR either now when I got used to my EM-1, not even a D810 or something from Canon. The guys at the store told me to look at the Sigma Art lens but nope, im not buying a DSLR again.

Second, oh my...the Pana Leica 42.5, its almost to sharp. Because I was not at home and could take my time I only got one portrait picture with the lens. But that was enough. I did not expect such a difference from every other lenses I had before. And im just looking at the LCD on my camera right now. Amazing! I got knocked out of my seat!

The Oly 75. No problems whatsoever with the focal range. I would not mind taking it as my only lens for a familly day out and about. And on top of that, it feldt like it was made for the EM-1 with the battery-grip and handstrap. (My prefered setup) Also, i liked the Bokeh better as I do like the Bokeh balls to be as round as possible. And wow, distracting trees and other objects in the background just melted away while keeping the object in focus. (Not just blurring everything...I want to see a whole face in focus but the backgrounds nicely blirref) The manual focus ring feldt a bit loose or "light" but I would mostly shoot AF anyway.

I might have to go back to the store again to get some more portrait shots with the 75. Because the portrait I got with the Pana Leica was actually worth the insane money they charge for it. I did not excpect that. I kind of ruled out that lens before because I thought I should add a FF camera instead for that money. As I see it now I would not mind paying premium for the Pana/Leica but mabye after testing the 75 some more its equally nice on 1.8 to 2.4 aperture? What a difference a nice lens can do...

Sorry for bad grammar, english is not my native language and on top of that I am now writing on a cell phone on the pub.

Lol,  I owned the the 42.5 for about 2 weeks and got concerned about the price and debated like you. I returned it and breathed a sigh of 1600 dollar relief. Well less than two weeks later, I am back at Samys, buying it again. It is such a great lens with a color rendition that is amazing. Also keep in mind the pan leica has exotic glass, special coatings, fast autofocus, 2.4 DOF equivalent. Seriously you don't want to walk around carrying two camera systems, that's what I boiled it down too. I was thinking of the sony a7, as an option but before you know it your going to have more than 3000 grand into it for a single purpose device ..... Ah no. I really enjoy and find the quality of the gh4  with this lens an exceptional pairing.

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