Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

Slight edit : As I've already posted this I'll leave it in place, but it's clear you don't want help, but someone to validate your own opinion.

So save yourself the trouble of reading what I say.

There's an ignore list on the forum. You're going on mine, and it would be just dandy if you'd put me on yours.

plus any shots with IOS400 (or more) are horribly grainy

Clearly you pixel peep. Stop doing that, it's pure folly. Think image as a whole, not pixels.

No, I do not pixel peep. I have had others look at the photos, and even take some themselves, and the grain is easily apparent at ISO 400 or above.

That's very unlikely.

You should post some examples ( in a new thread ), because there's not enough noise for that to happen.

There's a possibility your image viewer may be using some very crude algorithm to display images which is exaggerating grain., but in a print you would not see that grain. Not at ISO 400.

I only asked for suggestions for camera/lens combo for the trip, so your response is a bit off-based and not helpful.

When you ask for help, the correct answer is not always the one the person wants.

You're free to ignore what I say. And it's on open forum, so I'm free to say what I want.

Get the bloody idea ?

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