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Re: Pentax inn need of the big next step

Model Mike wrote:

jamesm007 wrote:
Never seen so many new people buying Pentax on this forum.

Hmmm... it seems a little quiet to me.

No more breathless unboxing videos. No clamouring to replace K-5 II's...

dSLRs just don't create, well, the same excitement as they once did. People snort at Nikon, and yawn at Canon, which can't be good for the overall market. I see fewer new Pentax users on DPR. dSLR's are so darned good, fewer people need to switch brands, or buy into the next point upgrade.

In my own case, I now use a GR for the majority of my shooting, especially street shooting, for convenience, discretion, and - yes - IQ. It's noticable that fewer people carry dSLR's in London, even tourists, so carrying one marks you out as a 'photog' more than it did.

Still love the K-5 II, but I don't use it for everything as I used to.

What I see is new users posting. I don't see as many old users as you or me posting "look what UPS dropped off today" posts. Even older models like the K-5 are so good why switch. The K-3 is enough for me to upgrade to it when I can. But newbies would be very tempted to buy K-5II(s) or K-5 used models. Because if you look at DXO or reviews or pics there is not much difference. Yea the K-3 gives a lot more cropping room but newbies may not even care about that, they just want a dSLR.

The internet is making the world seem small. But when we shut off the PC we are thousands of miles apart and part of a different culture and minds. I just don't see mirrorless systems here in MI. For most in the USA if your going to spend $1000 on a system it had better look like $1000 worth of photography gear. "Image is everything" here. So many people grew up wanting SLR the cameras they would see the PROs using and still do, and high IQ and now can get it. But they don't want a small camera that looks like a P/S camera that can change lens. That's here in the USA. Not speaking for anyone else and not putting down mirrorless.

DPR is not a gauge. They are trying to push mirrorless so hard its turning people away. Here in the USA its dSLRs or cellphones. No mirrorless. That may be why Canon and Nikon don't push mirrorless and why Pentax focuses on dSLRs more than mirrorless. Ricoh can focus on mirrorless. This is a huge world with billions of people and more than enough different people to support different systems.

Did you buy a brand or a camera system. That means most people bought Pentax for its superb value all weather bodies. They leave little to desire. What more could a person want than the K-3. If you want less Pentax has it. If you want something else look elsewhere. Pentax basic systems have not changed,

  1. Pentax is smaller than average dSLRs
  2. Pentax is tougher than average dSLRs
  3. Pentax is great OVF
  4. Pentax is all weather gear that is recognized as equal to top PRO models
  5. Pentax is expanding their consumer (low cost great performance) level WR lens like the DA55-300mm WR.
  6. Pentax is always on or near the top (equal and better at high ISO) of APS IQ and high ISO performance. Or more realistic IQ. The K10D had just a tad more detail than the others.
  7. Pentax has at the least as good as it gets custom menu setup, like ISO in their bodies.
  8. Pentax is great ergonomics. Its why I went with Pentax K10D (GX10) versus Sony A100 in my hands not even close. It felt like a tank compared to the others yet was a bit smaller, very nice! Just pick up a K-3, K-5II, K-5, K-7, K20D and or a K10D and you might not want to let go!
  9. Pentax offers something different than Canon, Nikon, Sony and Oly.
  10. Pentax has some great lens, more than I can afford at one time. So there is always a body like the K-3 and lens that I want.

What I just wrote is true. To my heart its true. I bought a system, I did not know the name. I thought Sony was the better name. The review here for the Sony A100 was a bit better. No "just" because of soft jpegs stuff. I ended up with Pentax because of the above. Not the name.

When it came time to go hold them which use to be one of the main criteria's of buying a camera Pentax won.

What's better about the Fuji? It feels small and light compared to the K-3. If your want an APS sensor the telephoto lens are always going to be a certain size. So with Fuji most westerners need one of the handgrips. So why not just buy the Pentax K-3? Its a much more complete camera. Moreover you can get a low cost good performing weather resistant lens to go with it and really use it in rain storms no problems or snow storms.

It doesn't even have a built in flash! Pentax could cut that off the K-3 and make it smaller, no?

Money makes the world turn. Manufactures will make a higher profit with mirrorless as they are less complicated to manufacture. But they might not be the best overall system for a lot of users.

Oh the next big step comes when the next best sensor comes, which it will. The K-3 is highly competitive. And you can be sure Pentax now has the resources to be working on it next bodies to go around that sensor; and what bodies they have! The K-3 is outstanding!

Pentax keep doing what you do!

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