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Re: Lack of proper knowledge kills the cat...

JOHN wrote:

Hi Joe,

The Marrutts carts i have for my Epson 3880 must be Auto self primming type as when i tried to prime them as to you video i could not draw any ink out at all.

The primming port is thier as per your instruction but when i put the srynage into it and tried to suck some ink out i got none even with full cart.

Any way It gets collected and sent back to Marrutts for repair on Monday.

Hope they do the decent thing and repair and refund the near £300.00 I spent on with them.

Regards John.

John I know I asked this before but did you remove the ORANGE plug before priming?

I know about ALL the 80ml refillables for the PRO3800.3880 and as far as I know there are no self priming carts out there. These cart bodies are all made in chine from ONE basic design so they are all physically and structurally the same.

If there is a white round plug about the middle end of the cart - as In my photo example, that IS the priming port.

But since you are getting a refund you might want to go elsewhere for carts.


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