What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

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Re: What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

Dareshooter wrote:

Without going into the pros and cons of one or other camera I'd like to advise you that the XE1 + 18-55 is currently being sold at WEX for £ 599 and as a bonus you get a free 50-230 mm lens.

Thank you for that  and I do appreciate the time to advise me of the details..but it is maybe a perfect example of NOT fulfilling my OWN requirements or preference.  For MANY years now (in M4/3) I have used nothing but Primes.. and mostly the Pancakes...as MY most fulfilled needs are for the low or medium FL range. I love them around such as 14-17mm .. any longer really does not give what is MOSTLY my kind of pics..so such as that WEX offer is in fact MORE expensive than if I bought a literal MINT as new Body and a similar 18mm lens.  
THAT is what I have in mind..seen and watched a few come and go.. not many about at one time but they seem to be a bit regular and I'm just trying to resolve the E1/E2 issue then really start to find one that I feel a good buy.

As I have explained in another post.. the 'problem' here is that I just feel like this... as I like the alternative to my existing gear...  but as yet I've seen so may variable comments on whether or not all aspects of the X-E2 are better..or whether indeed the X-E1 is perfectly good anyway , it's not a matter of generality...it's what I feel is likely best for ME of course.. on a system I have very little knowledge of except what I read.. and you now how different THAT can be from one to another !!
Right now I almost feel like giving it up..  !!

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