Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

Started Jul 19, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Ooh

Leonard Migliore wrote:
Well you got a nice trip going. I wouldn't even bring a camera. Why waste time taking pictures when you could be having fun?

I always bring an RX100 traveling:

  1. It's small enough to be with me the whole time.
  2. It's small enough to look like a cheap point-and-shoot if you don't know better. Never had a problem with theft or attempted theft.
  3. It's got pretty cheap and compact dive cases too, if you want to go swimming/snorkling/etc.
  4. It's cheap enough that if it got lost/stolen/damaged, I would just buy an RX100III.
  5. Pictures are quite nice.

At this stage in my life, I'd basically never take anything bigger than a mirrorless, and rarely even that.

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