What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

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Re: What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

ericN2 wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

I think people are missing a key point in the OP. He says he can get a used X-E2 for just a little more money than a used X-E1. If there is little difference in price, I would definitely jump on the X-E2. It has deeper RAW bit-rate, is faster/more responsive, and has the same EVF refresh rates as the X-T1 which shares the exact same processor and sensor with PDAF AF. Fuji has already begun to trickle down X-T1 performance/features to the X-E2, and will continue to do so over the next year or two. The slower X-T1 processor has been updated as far as it can go.

If the ISO 6400 JPEG skin smoothing isn't a deal breaker, the X-E2 is better in every way, especially if he can get it for little more $$ than the X-E1.


Sal -

Let me just make one point clear..or a bit moreso than in my first post.. when I refer to the X-E2 as being such as "just a little more price than the X-E1" (as used items).
I still find it amazing that here in UK anyway, back little more than 12/18 months at most.the X-E2 price as New was phenomenally higher.. NOW for reasons I have no clue about..a NEW X-E2 can be had at any well-known big Dealer at a tremendously lower price .. and naturally this is now reflected in trade second-hand prices, it is still naturally higher in a Used one , but the gap between Used X-E1 and X-E2 is hugely less by reason of this drop which I know nothing about as I've just not followed Fuji. This whole thing of my sudden current interest in the XE's is tied in with the fact that I have no Fuji background so any camera naturally incurs also a LENS...as I have none .. and as Fuji lenses do seem to be regarded highly.. none of course are exactly cheap..I actually prefer and would use nothing but Primes and indeed Pancake type.. so that is a cost to consider also.
Few as may be about..they are an ongoing feature, and a GOOD used E-2 I now find is clearly even to me an 'uplift' camera to the X-E1, yet is not a vast sum more..but with LENS cost also..it is still a total cost to be well taken into account..what I am trying desperately to clear in my mind, is whether the real X-E2 cost (with lens) and it's inevitable higher amount to some degree...is worth it over the similar combined buy with an X-E1.. it begins to look as though maybe the E2 IS well worthy of that consideration.

I am surprised you are finding good used prices for the X-E2 not a huge amount higher than the X-E1.

X-E1 body only prices on eBay UK are roughly £225-£250, while X-E2 prices start at £400. There's a mint X-E2 running now with 6 hrs to go, so that will be a good guide. I think you are looking at more like £550 - £600 body only. That is what these cameras are fetching in France as well.

You would also get a better deal by buying a body and the 18-55 lens. Assuming at some stage that you want a standard zoom, but this lens is so good, frankly it is almost a must have ...

I have both the X-E2 and X-E1. The X-E2 is the main body - it is all round faster, and has the far better EVF refresh rate - same as X-T1. I recently bought the X-E1 with 27 lens on special offer as a kit, so effectively the body came free. Out and about I enjoy using two bodies, the X-E1 usually with a prime, and the X-E2 with the 55-200. Works very well.

That street photography blog you refer to is well out of date ... !  Hardly relevant I would say given more recent X-E2 firmware updates and the anti X-E2 bias ...

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