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Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Holger Bargen wrote:

Dear all,

I have Pentax Equipment since more than 30 years. I like my K5 but I am worried about the future of Pentax/Ricoh.

The reason is an Observation of the ebay offers the last months. I follow the offers of Pentax lenses on ebay since years and during the last weeks in Germany there are numerous offers of not just kit lenses which came with cameras during the last decades but also a lot of prime lenses - often entire Equipments with a lot of very nice lenses.

I can't offer any statistics but my impression is that many people ..

The impression can be quite the contrary. There could be more Pentax cameras all around available, and more lenses too. That means, people are selling / changing old to get new Pentax cameras and some better lenses. Or they are getting rid of two mediocre lenses to get one new better lens.

Yes, this could be true. There were alway Pentax lenses available - but most time kit lenses. I think often it was from grandpa who had them in his camera bag since years and now nobody Needs them anymore. Most time these offers were no indication of changing a System. But currently there are a lot of high end lenses available. No one who wants to go on with the Pentax System would sell them.

The only reason for selling These lenses would be an upgrade to the new series of primes with rounded aperture blades and better lens coating.

It is ridiculous to analyse market just in one possible way of explaining something. Myself, if I had a K10 / K20/ K7 / Kx / K-r etc and even the K5, and some kit or mediocre lenses, I would be interested to step up my choices when buying a K5II or a K3. Cameras like K5II or K3 show every fault of mediocre lenses and to use kit lenses on them is sacrilege.

And how would I try to get rid of old kits and be happy even with a modest price obtained for them? Obviously, sell them on the eBay.

A. To new users of K30 / K50 / K500 plus kits lenses, that offer of mine would be uninteresting because they get their gear brand new and with a warranty. The Prices of new K50 etc are so low people pay less for brand new than I could viably ask for for my used equipment.

B. Then to many who have similar kits and lenses as I do, that offer would be uninteresting too.

So to whom I could possibly sell my second-hand gear when cameras as good as K50 are priced dirt cheap? That is the trouble of the entire second-hand market and in fact means Pentax production is well established that it can offer new gear for such a low price that makes my eBay offer irrelevant.

Yes, you can get kit lenses very cheap with a new camera. When I bought the K5 with the 18-55 WR lens I sold my 18-55 lens that came with my K10D. I got not much Money for ist - but it does not Need space in my house anymore and so I was glad to get rid of it.

But if you want very good lenses like primes - eeven very old ones - most time you have to pay a Price that is near or even above the Price of a new lens.

If you want to get a very cheap prime you have to buy one wiht obvious Problem where you think that you can fix them on your own. Otherwise I would buy them as new.

Best regards


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