Pentax inn need of the big next step

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Dear all,

I have Pentax Equipment since more than 30 years. I like my K5 but I am worried about the future of Pentax/Ricoh.

Yawn. Ricoh Imaging reported increased sales.


Could well be but could you supply the reference for increased sales of cameras as distinct from the performance generally of their imaging division? I'm thinking this division might include more than cameras and that the figure aren't broken out, though perhaps they are.

You won't find any such figures. All there is - they're talking about "increase in sales of digital cameras".

Note that industrial cameras & surveillance are in a different division. Ricoh Imaging is just Pentax and Ricoh's camera division combined - and it's grouped into Other, together with their lease and financing business.

Second, while it's good news if Ricoh are indeed increasing the sales of their cameras, it doesn't make a great deal of difference to an individual buyer, or to a market segment of buyers, if the increased activity is in an area of part of the world which holds no interest for them. If Pentax increased the sales of their bridge cameras and P&S ones by 300 per cent, just for example, but let their support at the K3 and Limited lens level go fallow, then most of those posting on this board would be off elsewhere.

Huh? Do you know what cameras they launched? How on Earth would they increase "the sales of their bridge cameras and P&S ones by 300 per cent", and that's in a free falling market?

Second-hand prices on Ebay do seem pretty soft as others in this thread have suggested. That's not a great sign really.

Yeah, the sky is falling. I keep hearing this story for decades.


Hmmn, talk without figures is just self-promotion, although I'd be surprised if the figures weren't better since Ricoh have put a great deal into sorting out the business. But if you read my post I said "just for example". I guess that doesn't fit with your plan ... Or, to put it another way, Ricoh are free to decide that the future of their camera division lies in re-orienting the business to cater to markets in Asia and the Far East much more than has been the case so far. This would very likely influence the mix in their portfolio of products and might make them a less attractive brand to the majority who post on this forum. It's hardly a contentious idea, in fact not even a surprising one were Ricoh to feel that they can make better headway against their competitors in countries outside the the West where Canon, Nikon and co are so entrenched. The world changes all the time; why should folks not expect Ricoh to change too?

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