New NX30 - first impressions

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New NX30 - first impressions

So I decided to treat myself to the NX30, upgrading from the NX20. So far, delighted with the new camera - not a massive improvement, but a number of nice new features makes it great to use.

  • The first thing I noticed was a surprise to me, the deeper grip is really is excellent. Generally I prefer cameras to be as small as possible, but the NX30 feels much better in the hand. A definite improvement.
  • Faster performance! Finally, I can shoot a multi shot panorama without seeing that damn "processing" message! To me, this alone is worth the upgrade cost...
  • Drive mode dial. Not essential, but nice to have. Definitely less fiddling around to switch from bracketed to single shot, which I do a fair bit. The only thing is that I think the thing you push to turn the dial should be orientated about 45 degrees clockwise, if that makes sense, if the camera is set to single shot I have to awkwardly contort my thumb to push it around. A minor niggle.
  • Other controls - the exposure compensation button is quite hard to find whilst looking through the viewfinder. I think this is something I'll get used to, but it seems like a bit of a lack of attention to detail. The on/off button feels a bit flimsy. But the center "OK" button is an improvement on the NX20 - that one always felt like it was going to fall off.
  • The new wi-fi app is a huge improvement on the old one, i.e. it's actually useful. I need to play around a bit more in order to decide whether I'll actually use all the options, all I wanted was to be able to remote trigger shots in RAW, rather than just full auto JPGs. I've got that, so I'm happy, the rest is just a bonus. But Samsung should have been able to deliver this to the NX20 with a firmware upgrade.....
  • Articulated viewfinder - cool, but I haven't found a use for this yet. But it's early days, and I suspect it will be like the articulated screen, generally I'll ignore it but occasionally find it invaluable.
  • Improved screen, improved EVF. Noticable, but not massively signficant. I never had a problem with the old ones (or those on the NX10 for that matter, I use the viewfinder for composition and don't spend much time reviewing pictures when I'm out). But better is always good.
  • Minor new options. Did the NX20 have depth bracketing? I don't think so, although I never noticed the lack before. Option to have multiple shots triggered on a timer is something I did miss once or twice on the NX20. Intervalometer doesn't do much for me, but maybe I should play with this one day. Better Auto ISO and auto Shutter speed, small things that probably make more of a difference to me.
  • The electronic level doesn't work in portrait mode? A bit strange...

Personally I'm pretty happy with what Samsung have done with the NXxx line. The NX30 delivers incremental improvements on the NX20, and now it feels fast and responsive I can't honestly say as there's anything I personally feel is missing. The image quality seems pretty much the same as the NX20, as you'd expect, but that's good enough for me!

I took a wander around some of the Shanghai tourist spots as an excuse to try the NX30 out. Just a few pictures with the 16mm and 30mm, minor PP in lightroom.

In the Yu classical Chinese Garden with the Shanghai Tower under construction behind

Inside the Temple of the Shanghai town god

Twilight long exposure from the balcony. This is actually me playing with the android remote wi-fi app.

Today had some remarkably fine weather for Shanghai, which normally brings people out in their thousands, so in a quest to find somewhere not too busy I walked around the Longhua Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery.

Memorial Sculpture

Detail of memorial wall

Longhua Temple, nearby to the cemetery

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