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Dear all,

I have Pentax Equipment since more than 30 years. I like my K5 but I am worried about the future of Pentax/Ricoh.

The reason is an Observation of the ebay offers the last months. I follow the offers of Pentax lenses on ebay since years and during the last weeks in Germany there are numerous offers of not just kit lenses which came with cameras during the last decades but also a lot of prime lenses - often entire Equipments with a lot of very nice lenses.

I can't offer any statistics but my impression is that many people leave the Pentax system for other systems right now.

I am waiting for a follow up model of the K3. The K3 is an interesting camera but the mirror flop problem should be solved and I think that there are innovations in the filed of photography which could be added to a follow up model. Even a K3ii or K3 super would be ice - please with articulated Screen.

Regarding the lenses offered on ebay: there is some motivation to make a bid for them - but to be honest: there are also thoughts about leaving the system and start something new.

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I see the same thing in both the UK and in France ... I watch eBay and forum classifieds quite a bit. Prices being achieved are lower, and there is much less interest these days in Pentax cameras and lenses that have previously been highly sought after, attracting good prices. Fine examples of DA and DA* lenses are just not selling at what I would call "proper" prices.

Pentax needs to up its game and restore some confidence, and soon ... In the meantime many will put their heads in the sand ... its normal.

I can literly pull up hundreds of posts just like yours. Did you buy a brand or a camera to take pics with? You can email Ricoh with what you think to try and help them out if you want.

The eBay & classifieds situation as I (and others) see it, is an "observation", no more, no less. If you prefer to ignore it, that's fine too. The fact is that we are not living in 2006. Times have moved on. As another poster said, buyers these days are looking at SONY, Fuji and perhaps to a lesser extent, Olympus. Read the Fuji forum and see how many Canikon shooters are selling up ... They won't be turning to Pentax - why should they? - "MF and world class APS dSLRs with image quality up to par. Morever the best APS all weather lens selection bar none" ... is that it? Where else is Ricoh / Pentax going? I'm sorry, but leaving MF aside, no one has a clue, nor do prospective DSLR buyers, and where is their incentive to buy into a system that itself has big question marks over SDM & mirror flapping ..

Many ads I see from Pentax sellers are from those saying they are moving to FF, or to MILC and selling their entire Pentax system.

As for your quip about taking pics with a "brand or camera", to me, a camera is just a tool to get the image results I am looking for, and I select the one that suits the situation.

For myself, I use both Fuji and Pentax, depending on circumstances. In fact yesterday afternoon I was out with an elderly FA 24-90 on my K5IIs. Great IQ & focal range, with the usual floppy zoom. Then in the evening, I used my Fuji X-E2 with 35mm f1.4. Does Pentax have anything that can compete with the XF 35 f1.4 for low light indoor work..?



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