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Re: D3300 settings

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

Donald M Mackinnon wrote:

I should have said that I only shoot jpeg, and lets just leave it there, no "why not raw" sermon please.

That is totally within your rights - your camera, your photography, your rules. There's not gonna be a sermon. Having said that, that RAW allows you more flexibility is not an opinion but a simple fact

LynniePad wrote:

I'm slightly amused by the "I Shoot RAW" hard-liners. You occasionally see a newbie breathlessly announcing that when they get a new camera they intend to:

  • Shoot with the lens wide open.
  • Use manual control only.
  • Save images as RAW (14-bit, of course).

This I regard as the "holy trinity" of folly, especially for a beginner. It's not always wise for experienced photographers either. The first two are rarities for me, and the third is simply an option.

Only an inexperienced photographer would do the first two (that is, have as a rule to do these only, always), and only an inexperienced photographer would group the third with the other two

I see no connection at all. Shooting at maximum aperture is an exposure decision. Using manual control (I forget the 'only' part) is also an exposure decision. Save images as RAW is a pretty darn smart thing to do, for beginners and experienced photographers alike.

Obviously, I was being a trifle sarcastic. I've only ever seen totally inexperienced photographers say such things (see the emphasised section from my post). There's moves afoot to add the "Sarcastic" emoticon ;-> to the DPR edit options.

As for RAW; my photography is a recreation, and I find that JPEG is fine for almost all of my stuff. I routinely save RAW+JPEG on my "other" camera, and sometimes drag some extra goodness out of the RAWs.

I don't think that it's important to burden a newbie with RAW and processing, but I suppose some might think that they were "really getting into photography" by doing it. ;->

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