Film vs Digital for devolping skill

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Re: Film SLRs are the best learning tools IMO

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A 70s style SLR, manual exposure (or operated in manual mode), manual focusing with the typical 50 mm is the best learning tool IMO.

Since every frame was a cost of money you made every setting carefully and made a judgement if the photo was worth taking, could the composition be improved before you pressed the shutter? You were aware of what you were doing and involved mentally in every setting.

I love my 70s style SLR, and I think it's a great tool for seeing through the viewfinder, operating the controls, taking pictures...

But the last part about forcing yourself to be careful just because you have to pay for mistakes… it's a little like saying self-flagellation is the best road to virtue.

Honestly to me the last part often comes across either as boastful("I learned photography in a superior way kids don't today!") or gearhead self justification("I just bought a lovely old film camera, I can feel my skill level advancing before I'v even used it!").

If you ask the question if film or digital is the best learning tool, and someone answers film and give reasons, its a bit cheap to dismiss it as "boasting" instead of giving counter arguments, don't you think?

Surely someone with any strong commitment to improving there photography shouldn't be lacking in this kind of motivation?

Besides that of course I'd argue that many of the "lessons" of film will simply not apply to digital, being able to view images in the field isn't just as many seem to view it as a "cheat" but a potentially excellent tool even for an advanced photographer.

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