Pentax inn need of the big next step

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Re: Pentax inn need of the big next step

jamesm007 wrote:
Never seen so many new people buying Pentax on this forum.

Hmmm... it seems a little quiet to me.

No more breathless unboxing videos. No clamouring to replace K-5 II's...

dSLRs just don't create, well, the same excitement as they once did. People snort at Nikon, and yawn at Canon, which can't be good for the overall market. I see fewer new Pentax users on DPR. dSLR's are so darned good, fewer people need to switch brands, or buy into the next point upgrade.

In my own case, I now use a GR for the majority of my shooting, especially street shooting, for convenience, discretion, and - yes - IQ. It's noticable that fewer people carry dSLR's in London, even tourists, so carrying one marks you out as a 'photog' more than it did.

Still love the K-5 II, but I don't use it for everything as I used to.

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