Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

HappyTailz wrote:

darklamp wrote:

Lens choice. Well I'd go with the 18-55 and 55-250 as you seem to have them.

The T2i tends to overexpose shots in the evaluative metering mode

Actually it does not - you do that.

Yes, it does overexpose. It is a known anomaly of this camera. I have had it long enough to know that the over-exposure is not a factor of what I do or don't do.

plus any shots with IOS400 (or more) are horribly grainy

Clearly you pixel peep. Stop doing that, it's pure folly. Think image as a whole, not pixels.

No, I do not pixel peep. I have had others look at the photos, and even take some themselves, and the grain is easily apparent at ISO 400 or above.

I only asked for suggestions for camera/lens combo for the trip, so your response is a bit off-based and not helpful.

Congratulations for calling the gratuitous advice unhelpful; such advice usually is.


I'm planning a holiday in Italy next year and I would really like to take two cameras, but the advice from the travel agent (and others) is that it's best to limit yourself to the basics. According to my agent, the following tourist advice for the Vatican is typical of many sites:

Vatican Photography Note particularly the need to check-in any large bags.

I think you would appreciate a wide angle lens for much of your photography. I am planning to take my Nikon D7100 with Sigma 10-20mm and Nikon 18-140mm. This gear fits in a small carry bag, and the lens combination has proved useful in the past. I very rarely need to use more than 100mm on the Nikon zoom, but it is such a good lens that I wouldn't want to leave it at home. I'll probably take a compact Nikon as a backup. Coolpix S6300.

- Buon Viaggio

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