Canon EOS 1D Mark III VS Canon EOS 7D (Getting a new camera)

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Re: When do you need it?

JackM wrote:

If you need a camera now, I would go for the 70D. Right, the seventy D. The sensor looks like a nice improvement over the 7D. If you can wait a bit, I would wait for the rumored 7DII, which should get the 70D sensor, more FPS, and better AF.

Based on all the reviews I have read, youtube videos, direct comparisons, etc.  I would have to say that if you were buying NEW get the 70D since it has more tweaks, is newer, etc. However if you already have a 7D the 70D does not offer much more that you would be missing.  The 70D basically has a better movie mode and a few more MP. Image quality between the two is indistinguishable, the cameras are basically twins when it comes to still photography. Each has minor advantages over the other but there is, in my OPINION, no real winner between the two (when cost is taken out of the equation)

As far as the 1DIII question, I too would suggest the 1D over the 7D. I don't have a 1D but my 7D has a rather noisy sensor and it drives me crazy. Im actually looking to upgrade to a 5D or quality 1D body if I can find the right deal on the second hand market. Perhaps after this fall when the new camera lineup is announced the prices will drop a bit. *Crossed fingers*

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