Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

I see you're going on an exotic trip with lots of walking to do!

I would recommend you rent a 6d and take your 24-105 with you. Normally I would recommend taking 2 primes or more but that can really be feel a hassle if you're not in the mood to constantly change lens. Unless you're an avid street photographer, you'll be used to sticking with one focal length and changing your point of view to fit the situation instead. I took quite awhile to adapt too.

I have the Canon T2i, the kit 18-55, and a 24-105. I have found that the 24-105 does not give me a wide enough angle for many pictures, and oftentimes I cannot move far enough back to get all that I want in the shot. The kit lens is decent, but does have some significant chromatic aberration and some vignetting (most of which can be remedied in LR5).

I guess if you're gonna shoot architecture up close, you would need a decent semi wide angle. On the full frame, the 24mm should be good enough.

The T2i tends to overexpose shots in the evaluative metering mode, plus any shots with IOS400 (or more) are horribly grainy. Shooting in RAW produces about 3 fps. I am hoping to upgrade to sometime better in 5-6 months.

Grainy at iso400 sounds fishy but if you say so, then all the more the 6d would suit. Especially if you're doing night shots, the difference would be clear. Since you say you might be upgrading a body in a couple of months, this could be a good tryout.

I'm wondering if I should consider renting the 6D for the trip (of course I'd try it out beforehand), and bring my 24-105, plus maybe rent a mid-range lens, such as the 70-200/300.

The mid range lens might really be a burden.

Or, should I take my T2i, rent a better wide angle lens (such as the 15-85) and a mid-range lens. I don't mind changing lenses, but I don't want to do it four or five times a day.

The 24-105 would have a better range than the 15-85(which won't be much wider compared to 24mm on ff)

And, finally --- I know that on a crop camera the 24-105 is about 39-168. if I rent a FF, will the 24-105 actually be a 24-105 lens?

Yes, thats right.

Have a fun trip!

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