Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

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Re: Suggestions for camera/lens combo for Italy

darklamp wrote:

Lens choice. Well I'd go with the 18-55 and 55-250 as you seem to have them.

The T2i tends to overexpose shots in the evaluative metering mode

Actually it does not - you do that.

Yes, it does overexpose. It is a known anomaly of this camera. I have had it long enough to know that the over-exposure is not a factor of what I do or don't do.

plus any shots with IOS400 (or more) are horribly grainy

Clearly you pixel peep. Stop doing that, it's pure folly. Think image as a whole, not pixels.

No, I do not pixel peep. I have had others look at the photos, and even take some themselves, and the grain is easily apparent at ISO 400 or above.

. Shooting in RAW produces about 3 fps. I am hoping to upgrade to sometime better in 5-6 months.

What do you need more than 3 fps for ?

I'm not saying I need more than 3fps for the Italy trip. But, yes, for wildlife photography (i.e., birds) and sports, which I didn't mention, such as horse racing and motorcross sports.  I am not a fan of the "spray & pray" method, but I would LIKE more than 3fps.

Of course I have many things to learn.  I am certainly not an expert, but neither am I a rank beginner, and I know that at  least some of the problems I'm experiencing do have to do with the camera.

I only asked for suggestions for camera/lens combo for the trip, so your response is a bit off-based and not helpful.

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