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Re: D3300 settings

That's quite an encouraging review of the D3300.

I use a D3200 and I only shoot JPEG. I mostly use the "Landscape" setting, with a sharpening at 7 and one extra point of contrast and saturation. Most of my shots could be roughly classified as landscape, and I'm pleased with the results.

Have you seen the "Picture Control Grid" when you press the + button? That gives you a graph of where your settings stand compared to the defaults.

I'm slightly amused by the "I Shoot RAW" hard-liners. You occasionally see a newbie breathlessly announcing that when they get a new camera they intend to:

  • Shoot with the lens wide open.
  • Use manual control only.
  • Save images as RAW (14-bit, of course).

This I regard as the "holy trinity" of folly, especially for a beginner. It's not always wise for experienced photographers either. The first two are rarities for me, and the third is simply an option.

I normally save images as RAW+JPEG on my D7100, mainly as a backup, but just in case I need to rescue the odd shot. Usually JPEG is fine, and I usually revert to JPEG+JPEG (Backup) when doing sports photography.

Here's a shot from my D7100 with "Landscape+" settings ("+" indicates a little extra sharpening and contrast). JPEG with mild PP.

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