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britcam wrote:

Holger Bargen wrote:

Dear all,

I have Pentax Equipment since more than 30 years. I like my K5 but I am worried about the future of Pentax/Ricoh.

The reason is an Observation of the ebay offers the last months. I follow the offers of Pentax lenses on ebay since years and during the last weeks in Germany there are numerous offers of not just kit lenses which came with cameras during the last decades but also a lot of prime lenses - often entire Equipments with a lot of very nice lenses.

I can't offer any statistics but my impression is that many people leave the Pentax system for other systems right now.

I am waiting for a follow up model of the K3. The K3 is an interesting camera but the mirror flop problem should be solved and I think that there are innovations in the filed of photography which could be added to a follow up model. Even a K3ii or K3 super would be ice - please with articulated Screen.

Regarding the lenses offered on ebay: there is some motivation to make a bid for them - but to be honest: there are also thoughts about leaving the system and start something new.

Best regards


I see the same thing in both the UK and in France ... I watch eBay and forum classifieds quite a bit. Prices being achieved are lower, and there is much less interest these days in Pentax cameras and lenses that have previously been highly sought after, attracting good prices. Fine examples of DA and DA* lenses are just not selling at what I would call "proper" prices.

Pentax needs to up its game and restore some confidence, and soon ... In the meantime many will put their heads in the sand ... its normal.

KM had far more resource than Pentax, and even they after much pain, decide to let it go. The market is right now being doiminated by Nikon and Canon. And I have put it somewhere before. that is time had tide do not wait for anybody. The market had seen the Consumer imaging market of Digital side pretty much a mature affair. Both DSLR and DC. Mfr that do not or cannot keep up with the market expectation , market need, and most of all who cannot provide the needed product NOW and made it availiable is not going to made it.

With Sony now clearly in for it. Its likely that Sony can put their might behind the system and push for a chunk of the market. There is now Nikon & Canon in the forefornt, with a bunch of Medium Format digital solution for the real PRO and Top end. Olympus and Sony will battle it out for the 3rd place and that all important critial market penetration. What's it up for others. Kodak, well they aien't look like they are any serious into this sector anymore. Sigma, well the Mfr can bet on more Lens sale, and DSLR is not one of their core business and likeluy remain so.

Pentax do not have any technological advantage nor do it have the system penetration or market share to guarantee a viable future. I can see tough roads ahead for this system. Unless Pentax can come around big in 2006. Their position is but only shaky ...

Above Written Jan 19, 2006 by a forum member not me.

I have been reading the same thing over and over for years! No one as this poster and other think a company tries to match established players and ninche players and the whole market. Pentax is still here because they do what they do best! And people buy it. They have MF and world class APS dSLRs with image quality up to par. Morever the best APS all weather lens selection bar none. I don't know if anyone notices but the industry moves at the pace of sensor manufactures. For a long stretch of time, over a year to years we had no development in FF. Because Sonys factories were under water. When Sony, Toshiba, Samsung who ever dishes out new sensors then new models can be made rather than a upgrade around the same sensor as the K5II(s) were. The K-3 was a major step up. Does Sony have a 30mp APS sensor that's has 15ev of DR and better shadow noise performance than the K-5. Now that would be a camera! Give it time.

I can literly pull up hundreds of posts just like yours. Did you buy a brand or a camera to take pics with? You can email Ricoh with what you think to try and help them out if you want.

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