First impressions of the DP2Q (mini-review)

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First impressions of the DP2Q (mini-review)

Just thought I'd add my thoughts about the DP2Q as I've noticed a few things not mentioned by anyone.

I've only played with it randomly and took it with me to a shoot recently i.e. nothing scientific. I'm comparing it to the DP2M only - as that has been my main camera since it first came out and I feel I know it inside out

Ok - the good bits (relative to DP2M)

  • Focus 'feels' faster and better in low light - as long as you choose a dark/light area, focus and then adjust to compose it's fine.The AF auxiliary light helps for closer objects, but is too weak for things further away (2 or 3 metres +)
  • If you turn on Speed Priority AF it's even faster! The LCD is frozen whilst it focuses on your chosen area - I like this option
  • It's definitely quieter
  • The saving to card is definitely faster
  • It's heavier but I could still shoot with 1 hand - the 'heaviness' gives it a nice weight that makes you use both hands to stabilise the camera. I used the Merrill with both hands so I didn't really notice any awkwardness using it. The grip etc. all feels fine. My hands just naturally mould themselves around it
  • The LCD looks better
  • The QS menu is faster to use as there is only 1 screen and better laid out
  • The front and back dials are easier to use to change the exposure values

The bad bits

  • I can't edit the raw files as Sigma Photo Pro (6.0.4) crashes
  • The lens rises proud above the hot shoe which can obstruct anything you add to it if your flash etc. comes too far forwards - my Yongnuo speedlite YN560-III will not slide into place
  • ...but I also have a Sigma EF-140DG however the TTL is completely messed up - simply blew everything out. (No issues on Merrill) Maybe that's just the way it is and it's not compatible with this version of flash - I need to research/check this.
  • My flash triggers fit the hot shoe (fortunately) - but on an indoor shoot (for example) where I was using speedlights there is a MASSIVE problem with the manual exposure mode with the screen. The exposure doesn't take into account the flash lighting and therefore under exposes, so the screen is too dark! - you can't see what you're focussing on!!! Not an issue on the Merrill where the screen image is compensated for so it stays bright enough with the usual warnings of underexposure. This makes it unusable indoors where you don't have enough constant light and need to use flashes. Really hope this is sorted with a firmware update. On my shoot I had to abandon it and use the Merrill which I brought along as a back up
  • The AEL button behaves slightly differently - you have to half push the shutter until it focuses and whilst in that position push the AEL button with a thumb to lock it. Why the unnecessary step? The manual simply states you use the AEL only, but this does not work like that on mine. On the Merrill the AEL does both tasks in one
  • I'm not sure the battery lasts much longer - it appeared to go down quite rapidly and didn't appear to be better than Merrills - I will probably have to purchase 2 more to make it last a whole day. (I have 5 across my 2 Merrills). Needs further testing
  • I couldn't get a decent custom white balance setting - it just always appeared messed up hugely - massive yellow/gold casts. (AWB worked fine however)

I'm not going to comment on the images as 1. I only work with raws and as I can't edit them on the Quattro yet it's pointless. 2. There's plenty of other threads on it.
I will say that the OOC jpegs from the DP2Q and the DP2M - I didn't see a 'real' difference in quality between them on my shoot.

I will post more as I discover more things. In the meantime if there are any questions or anything anyone wants me to test side by side - I'm more than happy too. I have the DP2M, DP2Q, DP3M and the first generations of the DP cameras which I don't use anymore.

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