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Cell phones, maybe a difference in countries.

brianj wrote:

Richard wrote:I could argue that most phones are free with a 2 year contract. I bought my nephew a samsung S4 for free with 2 year contract around Thanksgiving and it had a pretty good camera.

Its total cost of ownership that is the key, I think over two years you will be paying a lot more than I will for my phone or my camera.

I live in the US. For the best coverage and the best 4g internet I use Verizon. I have an old plan that gives me more data than the new plans and is less expensive.

I have to have a phone. I want one that has internet so I am going to pay the monthly charge regardless of if I get a new phone or not. The new phone is free after 2 years. After 2 years the price does not go down. In fact with new plans, the price goes up. It makes sense to me to have the new phone because it trully costs nothing. I am paying the premium to cover the upgrade cost anyway. Verizon would prefer me not to upgrade, they would make more money. I pay $60 a month.

Walmart has strait talk unlimited for 45 dollars a month. I have to buy a phone. Everything is unlimited but the service is not as good as Verizon.

Tmobile changes $25 a month. then $27 for the phone per month for 2 years for an s5. You only get 1gb of 4g data then you get reduces speed unlimited (I assume it is 3g)

But the network coverage is nothing like Verizon and the reason I buy a cell phone is to talk anywhere, I prefer to pay the premium for better service coverage, faster 4g and more data and upgrade the phone every 2 years.

It may work differently in your country.  I would be curious what you pay for your phone service and what kind of coverage you get and what type of free phone you get or how much you pay for your phone. Perhaps your deals are much better than ours.

My phone service works in the mountains, so when I go hiking, motorcycle riding or whatever I almost always have service and if not, walk to a higher part of the mountain.

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