What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

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What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

It's quite a good few years  now since  I was a regular participant here on Fuji Forum ... I think it may well have been in my very satisfying days with the great little Fuji F31 .. excellent little camera .. one which came after earlier Fuji bigger-style models then the earlier F11 little compact.
However - now I've got something of  a whim for maybe buying either the X-E1 or X-E2 .. since both are fairly easy to pick up as excellent used samples either on Ebay  or in fact one or other of the big-name UK Dealers.   But now comes the problem...  the more I read of the two models the more confused I get. The X-E2 seems to have dropped in price ENORMOUSLY from it's starting level to now - and in fact I see good quality Used ones now (if you bide your time a bit..) at by no means a vast sum higher than equally A1 used X-E1 bodies (I'm thinking only of buying a Body first...then choose a seperate lens...)
The more I read about the two, the more confusing it gets... ORIGINALLY... and in most Reviews including dpR here.. it seems the focussng on the X-E1 particularly was OK generally, but a bit 'ponderous' in less good light. I have experience with the Pannie 20mm lens in the same way and I know that frustrated me a lot and in fact made me change to another lens eventually.  BUT ... I read more.. and then am told that there have been various Firmware updates affecting the X-E1 particularly and it has made a noticeable difference to general AF speeds.   Here in UK we really aren't blessed with weather that gives generally guaranteed good light...indeed it's quite often dull days..kind of olde-Worldie Kodak 'Cloudy Bright' - does the XE suffer slow focussiing in just that condition or is it moreso in such as poor indoor lighting.
Frankly I just don't know which to go for as neither really seem to be at such a massive difference in buying price if you look for the right sale...  IS the X-E1 just as good generally in most situations.. ?? .. by the way I'm not the least interested in Vids with a still camera so anything relating to that is just not of interest to me anyway.

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