Fast lenses, and High ISO

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Re: Fast lenses, and High ISO

Chikoo wrote:

Fast lenses, as they are called allow for more light to hit the sensor and in turn allow for fast(er) shutter speeds. The F number provides a relative measure of how much this ability is.

In this age of ever increasing ISO, are fast lenses needed anymore?

High ISO has always been available to the RAW shooter. If your camera maxed out at ISO 1600, and you set your camera to a certain shutter speed and f-stop, and needed to push the capture 6 stops in conversion, then you are really doing an ISO 1600 * 2^6 = ISO 102,400. Did that all the time with my first DSLRs when the flash did not fire or the batteries died.

THe difference between older and newer cameras is the results are now more acceptable, at higher ISOs.

The only ability I see the fast lenses provide was actually a disadvantage that happened to become a feature, and that is shallow DoF, allowing for separation of subject from the background.

I've been in Manhattan at night shooting on poorly-lit side streets and I've had -3 EV on my meter in manual mode at ISO 25,600, at f/1.4 and 1/40.

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