Why I'm moving from the Sony A7 to Fuji X-T1

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Re: Why I'm moving from the Sony A7 to Fuji X-T1

Duane H wrote:

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TL/DR. Lenses

Hi i currently have the A7 and am considering going back to fuji. Granted i never owned the X-T1 but the Iv owned X-E1.

Here are some things I like about the Sony A7:

  • Great Grip, feels good in the hand. I don't use a strap and i never feel like i could drop it.
  • Great construction. It is weather resistant, iv got it wet many times with no issues. Body feels solid.
  • The FE lenses available are pretty good. The Ziess 35mm and 55mm and 70-200 are all very sharp.
  • The RAW files the A7 produces are very good and clean. They can be heavily edited in lightroom and bring out the details in the shadows.
  • Color rendition is pretty good, there is a certain POP to the images mainly on the Ziess lenses that have their own personality in my opinion. Some people dont like it (purists) but i love it.
  • The wi-fi and NFC actually works pretty well and i use it all the time to send pictures to my phone and post to social media.
  • Image quality as a whole is amazing.
  • Autofocus is not as bad as the initial reviews suggested. Only in very dim light does it struggle to lock on.
  • The face detection autofocus is by FAR the best iv ever seen implemented on any camera.
  • The menu system is actually pretty well done. It has a lot of options but its fairly easy to figure out and highly customizable. Also has 2 memorie modes are very very useful. I use one for moving subjects like kids in shutter prio, continuous autofocus and speed priority FPS. Works really well outside and gets 70-80% of the shots in focus.
  • You can adapt all kinds of lenses to it. Sony alpha and Canon even offer autofocus adaptors. but any full frame lens will work in manual focus. Its great if you have old lenses. I dont...
  • Overall I'm happy with the camera. I would highly recommend it to someone looking to move up from APSC.

Things I don't like and why im switching to fuji in a month:

  • JPEG ooc quality is pretty bad. If you shoot only JPEG stick to Fuji. the A7 is a RAW shooters camera only !This is one of the reasons im switching. Although i mostly shoot raw i love the fuji film filters and JPEG quality. I want the option.
  • Native Lenses are very few and expensive for their speed. I really want a telephoto lens and the only option is the 70-200.. at 1500$. I do not want to adapt any lenses because it defeats the purpose of the small camera.
  • Fast lenses will be HUGE even when the do make them. they are full frame...
  • I love the fuji look and controls.. the A7 isnt as sexy.
  • I really like the 23 1.4 and 56 1.2 and 55-200... Im mainly moving because Sony doesn't have anything close to those.
  • I love the colors and image quality FUJI offers for PEOPLE. Skin tones to be exact.
  • I'm hoping autofocus will be even better than the A7 which isnt bad. and more FPS cant hurt either.
  • The e-viewfinder is amazing on the X-T1. Although its not bad on the A7 it doesnt blow you away either


Check this link out, I am also looking at the A7 and X-T1, this shows some dramatic differences between the two.

I have also noticed on several sites that the Fuji strands examples seem softer than the competition.  Yet so many photographers sang the praises of the Fuji.  Apart from the always present fanboyism, I was confused.  Ultimately I bought the x100s because of it's other attributes but still a little concerned about IQ.  I need not have been concerned as the IQ is marvelous.

I informally tested it against my nex 7 with the sigma 30mm and found them to be very close to being equal with the x100s usually slightly better.

I don't understand why the xtrans cameras seem softer than their competition on sites like this one and IR when my real world experience is quite the opposite.

So, I would encourage anyone concerned about this apparent disparity to rent one before scratching it off the list.  The IQ is excellent and, for me at least, the printed images just have a special look that I love.

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