Is the GM1 a game changer?

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Re: Is the GM1 a game changer?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

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Everyone`s moaning about the lack of Viewfinder - it didn`t stop the RX100 Mk1 becoming a best seller !, I`ve never seen an iPhone, Lumia 808 etc with an EVF on either ......

the GM1 is aiming at the "enough performance to grab it instead of just using the iPhone - more flexible and better IQ than an RX100" market and there it wins .. it stays compact even when shooting if you use the 14mm F2.5 (you can slip it into a pocket switched on)

But comparing it to a Leica?

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I knew that would get someone going - the Leica was a game changer, it was affordable as a street shooter's hack - it was small for its day and reliable. It has grown fat and pedestrian and very expensive but is still exquisitely made.

The reason why Leica once was a game changer was that it was small, a revolutionary shape, affordable and reliable. Now the current model might remain reliable but the GM1 ticks all the other boxes.

But the lack of viewfinder makes for a different style of shooting, less involving, somewhat like a super P&S (even if the IQ is great). To me it sounds more like a modern Olympus XA. (I know it had viewfinder - but super compact, high IQ, but bad ergonomics)

Leica is on a pedestal - the GM1 is a camera for mere mortals and has gone back to Leica's roots.

I am not saying that it is better than a Leica (heaven forbid).

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